Moms of All Ages: I Want to Hear from You

As I packed my daughter’s lunch this morning, I had a fresh realization that, after 21 years of being a mom with at least one little, that phase is beginning to draw to an end for me. But I have a couple of years yet to go…I’m still in the thick of it!

Moms of littles: send me your questions, frustrations, thoughts. I don’t have all of the answers, but I do have a little experience under my belt. And I also have some friends who are amazing moms; they can help us out too.

Seasoned moms: tell me what you remember. The highs, the lows, tips, tricks…anything that can be passed along to encourage those who are coming along now. What are you especially glad you did with/for your kids? In what areas did you gain that ever-valuable first-hand experience of doing it the not-so-great way? Let’s let God use our lessons to help these younger moms as they come along behind us.

Unless you give me permission to use your name, your questions/responses will remain anonymous, so don’t hold back. Looking forward to hearing from you!

2 thoughts on “Moms of All Ages: I Want to Hear from You

  1. Make sure to create traditions unique to your family as your children grow up. I’ve heard it said that kids often forget one-time events growing up but they will always remember family traditions. When I was growing up we had pizza every single Sunday night. At 47, what do you think I crave on Sunday nights? Pizza! And it brings back sweet memories of my childhood years. This shows that traditions don’t have to be big or fancy, just intentional, consistent and unique to your family!


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